Reduce and reuse

All of the materials we use, such as metal, plastic and paper, are valuable resources. Whilst recycling helps to reduce the amount of raw materials used to make new products, this process uses energy, so it’s best to try to produce as little waste and recycling as possible. Reusing materials also helps to extend a products life and reduces the need to make new items. The sections below give some tips on how to reduce and reuse your waste.

Home Composting

How to buy a reduced price compost bin, and advice and tips about home composting.

Oxfordshire Master Composters programme

Information about the Master Composters programme, which aims to encourage more people to start composting at home and supporting those already doing so.

Love Food Hate Waste

Oxfordshire Waste Partnership supports the national Love Food Hate Waste campaign to help prevent food from going to waste.

Community Action Groups

Oxfordshire is at the forefront of community-led action on all areas of climate change, including waste. The Community Action Group (CAG) network contains over fifty groups supported by CAG Project staff to run events and projects.

Real nappies

Find out more about the benefits of using cloth nappies and how to apply for a free trial kit.

Junk mail

You can reduce the junk mail you receive by registering with the Mailing Preference Service, who will arrange for your details to be taken off the mailing lists of companies sending unsolicited mail.

Reuse websites and organisations

There are many ways to reuse unwanted items, by donating to charity swaps or using an online exchange website.

Love your clothes

Make the most of your clothes and look great