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Oxfordshire is one of the best performing counties for recycling. During 2015/16, we collected 237,977 tonnes of household waste, of which 98,432 tonnes was sent for disposal, meaning that we recycled or composted over 58% of waste. However there is still more we can do, as up to 80% of waste is recyclable! Make sure you know everything that can be recycled in your area using the links below.

Kerbside recycling collections and local recycling bring banks

Click on the map below to check what your local district council will collect in their kerbside collections and in local recycling bring bank sites (or see the list of links to district council websites below):

District council boundary map

There are 7 Household Waste Recycling Centres in Oxfordshire which accept a wide range of materials for reuse, recycling and disposal. For more information on locations, opening hours and what is accepted visit

What happens to your recycling?

Details of where your recycling goes and what it is turned into after it is collected from your home or a recycling centre.

Recycling myths: busted!

A list of common misconceptions about recycling and the true picture explained.