Oxfordshire councils will be supporting national Recycle Week 2018 by publishing information on what plastic can and can't be recycled, answering frequently asked questions on plastic, and sharing tips on how to reduce your plastic use. Keep you eye on this page for more information!


Did you know that 79% of all plastic items produced are still in the environment? Some plastics can be very beneficial, such as when they are used to make fresh food last longer: the carbon impact of food going to waste is bigger than the impact of the plastic packaging. A wrapped cucumber lasts 3 times as long as an unwrapped one! However, many single use plastic items can be avoided and longer lasting reusable alternatives found. This can make a real difference to reducing the amount of waste that ends up in your rubbish bin.                                   

SESI provide an opportunity for plastic free shopping in Oxfordshire, where you can bring your own containers to refill cleaning products, shampoo and oils. They now have outlets in Oxford, Eynsham, Wantage, Sandford, Abingdon and Bicester.